Boys' Club

The motto of our boys’ club is to create the role models of tomorrow.

We provide four drop-in sessions a week for juniors, aged 11 to 14 years old, and seniors, aged 15 to 21.

Our sessions are split into groups of boys and girls. Members can do sport, learn about food and nutrition, get help with their homework or simply have fun with their friends.

The boys’ drop in sessions include cookery lessons, homework support, volunteering opportunities and employment support.

Sports are a big part of getting boys to focus their energy positively. Our football team trains twice-weekly Westway Sports Centre. On Tuesday and Wednesdays there’s Taekwondo for ages 8 to 14. Circuit training and boxing  is on thursdays

There are also two residential and day trips a year — to give the boys a chance to learn and develop in new environments.



Mohammed,16, started attending the MCWG Saturday school when he was five-years-old. Now, more than a decade later, he attends youth sessions three times a week to use the gym and training circuit. He says he’d come everyday if the centre was open.

Mo’s mother is a lone parent on a low income and struggles to provide for the family. When his parents were together he regularly witnessed domestic violence and two years ago he went through a period of not attending MCWG — turning to the streets, crime and alcohol. 

Seven months later Mo returned to MCWG to access our support and we are now helping him to find employment.

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