Girls’ club

The idea of our girls’ club is to empower the young women in our community in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our sessions are split into groups of boys and girls. Members can do sport, learn about food and nutrition, get help with their homework or simply have fun with their friends.

We provide two girls’ club drop-in sessions a week. Activities on offer include cookery lessons, homework support, keep-fit classes and art projects.

The sessions are tailored to explore issues facing young girls, such as equality, identity, culture and relationships.

There are also two residential and day trips throughout the year  — to give the Girls a chance to learn and develop in new environments.



I feel that MCWG being in the heart of the community has set a foundation for male and female attendees to be able to relax within the location. The reason in which I personally state this fact is because this organisation has been up and running for over 20 years and has a very large number of young people who attend.

To be honest even if there was only 1 person attending the youth club, it would not matterbecause that would result to one person less on the streets. They way in which MCWG open the hours of the youth club is to address the hours in which they feel that the majority of youths within the age group 11 – 21 tend to be the hours in which they know that young people within the local area; have a tendency to come out of their houses and just patrol up and down the streets with nothing better to do; whereas this youth center provides a safe location in which they are able to attend to take part in various activities.

The majority of us are Muslims; this makes the work the club does vital for our community as the obstacles and problems they face are not always fully understood by mainstream organisations and local authority bodies. I would identify the way in which MCWG address this is by taking a more recent/current example from the female group in which is that they are currently taking a “health and sex education” session which was an 8 week set program. There are various locations around the borough in which provide services such as MCWG but none do it with such grace and emotion let alone cultural sensitivity.

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